Frequently Asked Questions
Q:  What is STACCABEES™?
A:  STACCABEES™ is a fun, family friendly update to the game of teetotum (variations of which include Jewish dreidel, parta ola from Greece, put and take from England, and la pirinola from Mexico).  Players take turns spinning a top and, based on the results, place cubes on a stack. Unlike traditional teetotum however, STACCABEES™ involves both skill and strategy - and literally builds to an exciting climax as players add cubes to the towering stack.  Simple enough to play with young kids while engaging for adults, STACCABEES™ is a new tradition that the whole family can enjoy.
Q:  How many people can play?
A:  STACCABEES™ is for 2 to 6 players.
Q:  How long does the game take to play?
A:  It generally takes about 20 minutes.
Q: How tall can a stack be?
A: Sometimes when players try to be tricky and create a very unstable stack they go too far and don't get higher than even two cubes.  Other times, the stack gets as high as 26 cubes.  If everyone is playing conservatively and all the cubes are aligned you can probably stack them even higher. If you get really good - you may want to try for a world record!
Q:  What happens if the table gets bumped in the middle of the game and the tower falls down falls down due to forces not associated with the last person to touch the tower. 
A:  At our house we play that the oldest participant can choose to either start the game again or to volunteer to take all the cubes from the fallen tower and continue the game from where it was before the tower fell.
Q:  Where can I find a copy of the rules? 
A:  Right here! Q: I have an idea for a rule variation - how can I share it?
A:  We would LOVE to hear about your rule variations.  Please post your variations as a comment on the rule variations page.


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